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26th Feb 2020

“So much food” – US comedian can’t get over how much Irish people eat for breakfast

James Fenton

Josh Pray is a name that many people in Ireland will be familiar with after the comedian got heavily involved with the 2019 All-Ireland Championships.

Throughout the summer, Josh Pray kept fans on both sides of the Atlantic up to date with his takes on the goings-on in football, hurling and camogie and eventually, he even ended up attending the football final between Dublin and Kerry at Croke Park.

Many months later, the social media star is back with his views on another Irish obsession, namely our love of a hearty breakfast. In a clip posted over the weekend, Josh gives viewers a rundown of how much we love out brekkie while marveling at the amount of different types and bread and jam we have.

He also praises our sausages and says our meat is “so naturally delicious” before adding that he was told on numerous occasions during his visit that “you can never have too much, lad.”

Our tea obviously gets a mention as well, as does our love for a glass of juice to wash everything down.

There a few elements that will have you scratching your head such as his declaration that we love nothing more than a bit of turkey to start the day and he might just be exaggerating our fondness for berries. He concludes by saying we have “so much food” and you can check out Josh’s ode to the humble Irish breakfast below.

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