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23rd Nov 2021

Spotted: Jedward and Hozier having the craic in LA

Fiona Frawley

Two twins and a singer from Bray walk into a bar. Stop me if you’ve heard this one before.

Jedward have been no strangers to iconic celeb friendships as of late. Their weekend of fun with Gemma Collins had reality TV lovers in a frenzy, and the TikToks they made together will live in our hearts forever. Honestly, name a better trio.

However, their time with Gemma appears to have come to an end and they’re now off rubbing elbows with a star from a little closer to home.

Without further ado, I present, Jozier:

In a post on Insta last night the twins shared not one but THREE pictures of themselves with Hozier, along with a video to boot. The caption reads:

Honoured to meet Hozier the future President of Ireland! He’s an absolute legend can’t believe we’re all here on the other side of the world in LA! doing our thing chilling and recording songs! He’s definitely inspired us to grow our hair! He’s got an incredible presence and cool uplifting conversation! Your new album is gonna be JEPIC Hozier… it was an eventful weekend.

Really hoping we get at least one Gemma-eque TikTok out of this meeting. It’s what the people need.

In the Insta video, John and or Edward proclaims:

If he was a Pokémon I’d catch him with all the master-balls, he’s a Pokémon, Hozi-mon, we love him.

In fairness, he’s dead right.

Is the world ready for a collab from these three legends?

Header image via Instagram/jepicpics

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