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29th Nov 2017

The Irish Broadcast Authority Has Released Its List Of Complaints From Recent Years

Darragh Berry

The Broadcasting Authority Of Ireland has released a list of its decisions on complaints made in recent years. 

All in all, there were 33 individual complaints that the BAI considered. The earliest complaint reviewed by the BAI was from 2013 while most came from the present year. 

Out of the all the complaints, only one was upheld. This was a complaint made by the Health Service Executive against a presenter of WLR FM’s ‘Déise Today’ where he went in heavy on the HSE.

“Did you ever see those alien films where they kinda have to breed loads to keep themselves going – that’s what it reminds me of?” and “Let’s see, are they on the phone there…let’s see what HSE management has to say about this…” and the presenter followed these remarks with the sound of a “donkey braying.”

There were complains made against ‘Claire Byrne Live’, ‘The Tommy Tiernan Show’, ‘The Late Late Show’, ‘Nationwide’ and even the RTÉ Nine O’Clock News, all of which were rejected. 

An episode of ‘Ireland AM’ on TV3 was subject to a complaint after it discussed an app for finding the nearest mass or a place where people could get their nearest fix of communion. 

Another complaint was made against RTÉ 2FM’s radio programme ‘Game On’ where a presenter described the Ireland line-up against Wales as “straight in, no kissing.”

Panti Bliss’ ‘Queen of Ireland’ trailer also came under scrutiny by a few members of the public. The trailer was aired – on separate occasions – before an Ireland Six Nations rugby game and before the Angelus.

It was said that the trailer promoted “same sex relationships” and should be aired “after the watershed.”

All of the above were rejected by the BAI. 

You can find a full list of complaints and decisions that were looked at by the Broadcast Authority of Ireland here

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