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15 Types Of People You'll Definitely Recognise From Your Snapchat Feed

By niallharbison

December 20, 2016 at 12:18am


It's the fastest growing social network, and pretty much where ever teen and twenty something year old spends their spare time these days. 

While we all personalise our feeds, we're pretty sure that you'll recognise most of these people.

Fire up the app and you'll surely spot these folks...

1. The Selfie Perfectionist 

Chances are you'll have a few of these among your friends. You know deep down that it has taken at least 50 selfies for them to get that perfect shot.

Kim Kardashian Snapchat Selfie 750X522 1452102024

2. The Party Animal 

They exist soley to make you feel like you lead the most boring life ever. How can people actually function in work after having that much fun the night before?! Weekends are a blur.

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3. The Talented Artist

When you try to draw something it looks like a drunken mess. But these guys just need one flick of their finger to create a deadly piece of art.

Snapchat Main Thumb800

4. The Fitness Fanatic 

Again you'll have a few of these in the feed, and they aren't a bit shy about shouting about it either. Surprised any weights get lifted at all with the amount of Snapchatting happening in gyms these days.

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5. The Wannabe Food Blogger

Every meal needs to be shared - we're talking morning smoothie, paleo lunch, all the way through to the cookies before bed.

Snapchat Food Collage1

6. The Annoying Couple 

You see the exact same story but from two different angles. It sure seems like the only thing couples do is go to the cinema, so these accounts get boring pretty quickly...

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7. The High Score Freak

You would consider yourself pretty active on Snapchat plys you were on it well before all your mates, so how the hell is their score higher than yours?!

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8. The Pet Obsessed 

Does nothing but share snaps of their cat or dog, but to be honest you're pretty happy with that set up.


9. The Lip Syncer 

Never good enough to have a solo career, be in a band or even sing in the local pub but Snapchat has allowed them to pursue their dream of substandard lip syncing.

Screen Shot 2016 04 11 At 15 59 01

10. The Social Climber 

You struggle to find interesting things to do on Snapchat each day, but this person seems to be out seven nights a week with huge squad in tow all the time.


11. The Screenshotter

No matter how boring or innocent the update, they screenshot it. Every. Single. Time. What the hell are they doing with all those photos?!

Screen Shot 2016 04 11 At 16 04 50

12. The 300 Second Story Person

You can barely watch somebody share a 3 second video, but this person expects you to watch 5 minutes of their lives. Did it once, never again.

Screen Shot 2016 04 11 At 16 05 24

13. The Complete Randomer Who Watches Everything

You have no idea who they are because of their weird username, or even when they started following you. You're too scared to ask because they probably know more about your life than anybody in this world.

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14. The Gig Goer 

You always tell yourself you should go to more gigs after seeing this person attend about 5 every single week.

Img 3311

15. The Stripper 

No matter what they are doing from shopping to gardening, they'll always find a way to show off plenty of flesh. 

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