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15th Jul 2018

PIC: Tesco Ireland Trolled England Horribly After World Cup Exit

Darragh Berry

England fans were certain that they were going to be lining up for a World Cup final on Sunday against either Belgium or France.

It’s coming home, they said from a very earlier stage in the tournament and when they started to annoyingly believe their own hype after their 6-1 win over Panama, it started getting really annoying really quickly.

So, we were a slight bit happy when Croatia took a win in their extra-time clash in the Semi Finals with a late goal that happened to come in the 19:16th minute

Anyway, we thought we had given them enough stick for their exit but Tesco Ireland really stuck the boot on…

Tesco England Tv

Reddit User, teddythesecond, said: “Passed through Tesco on Friday where they were replaying the England Croatia game on all the TVs. Absolutely beautiful.

That is absolutely cruel stuff. We love it.