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14th Jul 2021

The basic B’s guide to Love Island episode 14

Fiona Frawley

Due to the overwhelming screen time enjoyed by Millie & Liam and Brad & Lucinda last night, many of us struggled through the episode.

No shade to any of them, but they wouldn’t be the most exciting of pairs.

The ep started off with another foursome we simply can’t root for (Jake/Lib and Toby/Chloe) sitting together, with Liberty sharing her feelings for Jake and her struggles with confidence in the past. All us Liberty stans on the outside are so desperate for five minutes in there with her to tell her to run, I’m surprised there aren’t appointments with her selling on Facebook Marketplace for €100+ ala the Penneys ones. I also don’t enjoy Chloe there egging Lib on to reveal more, be more vulnerable in front of toe boy. She can’t be trusted.

Next up, Liam and Millie got a text to let them know that as they’d won the challenge, they’d be spending the night in the hideaway. Cue the guys and girlos rushing them both off to get them ready for an intimate night of dry humping.

Millie wore a cute little lilac number, Liam for reasons I don’t want to dwell on went in with a towel over his shoulder as if he was nipping down to the pool.

The next morning there was the usual summer lovin’ style interrogation from the boys and girls regarding what went down, and we endured the Millie checking Liams sore back because she’s a nurse bit play out for what felt like 8 hours.

Next up was a date for Brad and Lucinda. Seriously producers, go on and give us nothing.

But to be fair, it was a bit of a cheeky move sending them on a date knowing what was coming to them later that evening.

As expected, the date consisted of Brad once again listing off everything this was his first time doing. First tahm on a dheet, nee’r apened a bottle befah, first tahm feelin’ lak ma hed wouldna be tehnd.

Back at the villa, Kaz was chatting to Hugo trying to gauge his feelings for Sharon, as Sharon had mentioned she could possibly see them being more than friends. No one is really buying this, and Hugo shut it down fairly quickly.

Finally we got to the evening and the islanders were asked to gather around the fire pit to hear the results of the public vote. Chloe & Toby, Hugo & Sharon and Brad & Lucinda received the lowest public votes for compatibility, and the bombshell was dropped that whichever couple had the lowest vote would have to decide between them which one of them would go home. Our collective jaws dropped when we heard the couple with the lowest vote was Brucinda and not Toey.

So tomorrow we’ll see Brad and Lucinda decide between them who must go home. Presumably Brad will start talking about his connection with one of the beanbags and how he can’t go home because he wants to explore it more, but we’ll see. Surely Lucinda will end up staying, Brad’s moved his way through about 18 women in his time there and “Cind” needs more time to be told green eyes are rare with her skin tone and so on. It’s doubtful that they’ll decide to leave together, I hope for Lucinda’s sake they don’t, but sure we’ll see tonight.

Header image via Instagram/Love Island 

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