The basic B's guide to Love Island episode 20

By Fiona Frawley

July 21, 2021 at 10:03am


Last night started off with wee Toby once again being upset he's not the best loved boy in the villa.

Surely the chap knew he'd have pies coming from Kaz, who he left high and dry, and Lib, who's her ride or die? He let Kaz know he had no regrets and would do everything the same if he had his time again, and somehow was surprised she didn't fully support that sentiment. The vibe is he's used to being the most popular boy on hashtag united and can't cope with the fact that everyone doesn't absolutely adore him and Chloe.

Faye obviously swooped in and whisked Kaz onto the balcony, like the caring Ma she is. She then came downstairs and began her token shouting across the villa as soon as she hears anyone talking shite. She'll make sure she's at the centre of every bit of drama in that place and we love to see it.

To be fair, none of this would need to happen if Toby could accept everyone's not going to love him. Especially the girl he screwed over and her best mate. Everyone had moved past it and was doing well, sure wasn't Kaz helping Chloe get ready for the hideaway and all the rest of it? And also... the game is snog marry pie? You're getting a pie my love.

We also saw the hint of a first crack with Teddy and Faye, as he let her know he doesn't like her shouting across the villa which tbh is rude because like... that's her thing. They kissed and made up in the end, or rather she told him "I'm not kissing you, you can kiss me". Classic petty move and we respect it deeply.

The morning brought us more painful field related sex metaphors, and they involve Jake which none of us have any patience for. Liberty, by all means get out there and get your bit. Jake, please pack your toe themed porn and head home.

Later on, Faye and Teddy headed out on their first date. We've kinda just been seeing them quietly getting on in the background, so we appreciated the extra airtime for them. Aka, we appreciated seeing more of Faye telling Teddy to stop showing off in front of his mates.

Back at the villa, Toby attempted to grab Kaz for yet another chat. This lad doesn't give up.

The evening kicked off with a 70s themed party and as we know, whenever they have to dress up in something ridiculous it usually means drama is looming. First off, Hugo let AJ know he wasn't interested. This gave Danny and AJ the green light to crack on, which they should know themselves is a bad move. No one cares about bombshells, unless they couple up with one of the OGs or one of our faves. Them pairing off with each other instantly makes them vulnerable.

As we knew, the public vote opened the night before for everyone's favourite boy/girl, and we were also told that two new girls and one new boy would be entering the villa. I'm getting desperate over here, we really and truly do not need any more girls. Do ITV hear us at all? But anyway, back to the popular vote.

Least popular girls:

  • Lucinda
  • Chloe
  • AJ

Least popular boys:

  • Teddy
  • Danny
  • Toby

Obviously, the episode ended on yet another cliffhanger. We'll find out tomorrow who'll be getting sent home, and the islanders will be the ones making the decision. My guess is AJ and Danny as again, no one has any loyalties to them. But sure we'll see how we go.

Header image via Instagram/Love Island 

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