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01st Jul 2021

The Basic B’s guide to Love Island Episode 3

Fiona Frawley

Love Island Twitter was left reeling after a shock dumping last night.

If you haven’t watched the episode yet, this is your spoilers warning… I’ll just put an innocuous, meaningless pic here so you have a chance to turn away:

Okay there we go. Those of us who did watch were left shocked, agog and aghast when Shannon, who’d already been pegged as the winner by most of us, was immediately dumped from the island. Surely she’s not really gone? Her off home and some of the most forgettable men the UK has to offer still in there living it up? No offence or anything lads. Love Island Twitter dealt with the dumping through the seven stages of grief;




Reconstruction and working through:

Etc etc. Maybe we will see her again? Who knows. In the meantime, let’s get into everything else that went down. Sorry, I nearly forgot to mention, Shannon left because Chloe coupled up with Aaron, leaving Shannon single. No one is particularly arsed for them as a couple, including themselves. Chloe is more interested in Brad (more on that later) and Aaron, to be honest I think he’s just enjoying his holiday.

After the dust settled, Liberty and Jake decided it was time for their first cuddle in bed (cute), with Jake absolutely horrified at the suggestion of him being the little spoon.

He worked past it anyway and they had a lil hug, bless em.

Hugo and Sharon respectively chatted to their guys and girls, with both confirming they’re not really interested in each other. There seems to be a pattern of the lads pointedly ignoring the girls they’re coupled up with but chatting away to everyone else – Hugo, Brad, etc. But they’re no great loss to anyone tbh.

Kaz and Toby went on their first date, with a lot of us worried that someone else could come into the villa a lot more suited to Kaz, but seeing as Toby’s there now she might just go for it. Their date seemed cute enough to be fair, and during a game of beer pong later Liberty dared them to kiss each other, like real friends do.

Now comes the pièce de résistance. Brad was dared to kiss the girl he fancied the most, and the girl he fancied the least. He’d already mentioned to the lads that he fancies Chloe now and isn’t interested in Faye, who he’s coupled up with, which is a bit gas because:

They literally look the same. Even Faye said it herself! And she said a lot of other things too. In the end, he kissed Chloe as the girl he fancied most and Faye as who he fancied least. At this stage we were ready and gagging for Mount Vesuvius to erupt.

After the game ended, Brad called Faye over for a chat to apologise, and by apologise I mean claim he did nothing wrong because he’d never given her any vibes to suggest he was into her to start with. She was not about to let him get away with it, and the result was glorious:

And that basically brought us up to the end of the episode! Oh, not before they let us know two bombshell boys would be coming into the villa tonight – Liam, a labourer from Wales and…. Chuggs… a… bucket hat designer from Surrey. I know what you’re thinking, that’s a character someone made up for a sketch. But apparently he’s real! We’ll see how he gets on.

Header image via Instagram/Love Island 

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