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11th Aug 2021

The basic B’s guide to Love Island episode 38

Fiona Frawley

It seems at this point the game plan is throw a pair of togs on the nearest production runner and call them a bombshell.

Seriously, is there any need for a new lad at this late stage? What’s he going to do, fancy Mary? Do we care? As Fionnuala Jones said on her stories last night (check them out if you haven’t already for impeccable villa reviewing), we don’t like the islanders that are in there as it is. They need to be taking people out, not adding more in.

Okay, back to the start. We began the episode with a PT session between Matthew and Priya. Happy for them and all, and despite the fact Priya speaks to him exclusively in the tone of a guidance counsellor they seem to be absolutely vibing. However, no one wants to watch a couple work out together and reward each other with a peck on the cheek after 20 pull ups. Priya relocating to Belfast however, is a reality show I might get on board with.

Next up we saw Faye on the sun loungers with Millie and Chloe revealing she regrets how she acted with Teddy, that she knows she was wrong and is a chronic self-sabotager. There was a lot of chat on Twitter last night suggesting that counsellors had been involved and maybe gently pushed her in the direction of this realisation. Highly possible, but if so, how bad? Sometimes a bit of help is needed to realise your actions aren’t great, that there are things you need to change about the way you deal with confrontation. I can’t help it, I’m still rooting for her and Teddy. Her apology and self reflection, whether assisted by medical professionals or not, was more genuine than that of Liam, Tyler, Jake and every other lad who acted like a d*ck in Casa Amor (not including Toby because let’s be real, his journey of self awareness has been inspirational), so I’m giving her a chance. Who’s with me? No? Okay, fair enough, I’ll let myself out.

Aaron took Mary for a date, AKA he shoved unwashed, unpeeled carrots into a bowl of hummus and had the girls serve her some OJ with a twisty straw. Setting the bar fairly low IMO, but Mary went for it.

Later on we saw Faye and Teddy’s reunion (not everyone’s cup of tea so I’ll say no more about it), and the following day the islanders headed off for a day of wearing sparkly gold briefs and getting stuck in lava. When they returned, the new alleged bombshell was sprawled out on a sun bed sipping a Wetherspoons G&T. Will anyone’s heads be turned? Do any of us care? Tune in tonight to find out.

Header image via Instagram/Love Island 

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