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12th Aug 2021

The basic B’s guide to Love Island episode 39

Fiona Frawley

It’s hard to actually put words on what we witnessed between the hours of 9 and 10pm last night, but this tweet does a pretty good job.

A graduation ceremony. A love triangle between three people who’ve collectively been in the villa for a grand total of 8 minutes. And for some bizarre reason, further discussion about Priya’s running career? You’d have to wonder what we’ve done to deserve it.

We picked up the episode where we left off – new boy Brett looking undeservedly smug on the sun loungers and everyone rushing down to meet him. Hats off to Chloe, she gave an Oscar winning performance in the role of “woman excited to meet bombshell”, because once they all gathered around the fire pit it was clear not one girl other than Priya had any interest in the chap.

Priya confirmed to the girls that Brett was in fact her type, while poor unsuspecting Matthew basically listed off her Linkedin profile for him up on the terrace. He’s too sweet for the show, and after doing enough pull ups to earn a peck on Priya’s cheek, I think he had it in the bag god bless him.

We switched temporarily from Love Island to an American teen slasher movie where everyone rides and then gets murdered as the girls made a pact with each other to ‘graduate’ as a group later that night. If the undercover antics and the 8 hour ceremony led by Priya the next morning was anything to go by, they all passed with flying colours.

Priya and Brett headed off on a date, and Margaret Thatcher smiled in her grave. The tory levels are through the roof with that pairing, and card carrying Son of Éire Matthew became nothing but a distant speck in Priya’s memory, getting smaller and smaller as the new couple headed off on their 1000km run in the country side.

The episode finished off with a re-coupling, which went mostly how you’d imagine:

  • Kaz reunited with Tyler
  • Millie chose Liam
  • Liberty stuck with Jake
  • Chloe and Toby continue their insane journey together
  • Faye and Teddy gave it another shot
  • Mary went with new boy Aaron
  • Priya voted conservative with Brett

Meaning we said goodbye to wee Matthew. Sure, he was boring at times and had far too much to say about the gym, but he provided us with one of the best dumping speeches in reality tv history and it’s clear he had genuinely fallen hard for Priya. We’ll miss the lil guy.

The preview for tomorrow night showed Liberty having doubts about Jake, and saying that if he doesn’t realise her worth, he’s not for her. Not sure what eventually led her to the light, but if we get to see her released from his toe obsessed grip it really would make my year.

Header image via Instagram/Love Island 

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