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20th Aug 2021

The basic B’s guide to Love Island episode 46

Fiona Frawley

Needless to say, there wasn’t a dry eye in the trash tv loving house last night.

The main focus of last night’s episode was obviously the Jake/Lib saga. After 7 weeks of Jake paying Liberty not one compliment, saying he wasn’t attracted to her, egging the other boys to cheat and wallpapering the villa with “you’re my GULLfriend” cards, it seems the relationship has come to an end.

The straw that broke the camels back for Lib was a selfie situation between herself and Jake on the beanbags. She  told him he looked nice even though his eyes were closed, which resulted in him saying “it’s all about you, isn’t it?” Respectfully, from what we’ve seen throughout the course of the series, not one thing she does is “all about” her.

Unbeknownst to Jake, Liberty sat out the front of the villa with Faye, tearfully confessing that she couldn’t continue this relationship if she wanted to be true to herself. After being insanely harsh to Lib in the previous episode, Faye sat with her, consoled her and assured her how loved she was by everyone. I’m hoping she can continue to work on regulating her Jekyll and Hyde personality, because when you catch her at the right time it has to be said, she comes through for the gals.

We also saw Faye and Teddy head on their final date. Did they head away on a yacht? No, keep guessing. Candlelit dinner in an old Majorcan castle while a stringed quartet played in the background? No, not quite. Did they stand for three hours in a shallow bath filled with what looked like the cast offs from a Kardashian flower arrangement? Yes, yes they did. Teddy also asked Faye to be his girlfriend, and after she finished breaking her shite laughing, she agreed.

We also saw Kaz and Tyler head away on their last date, which consisted of Kaz looking like a Disney princess while violinists serenaded them with highlights from the Bridgerton soundtrack. They spoke about life outside the villa, and how they felt no need to “keep up” with the pace the other islanders are moving at. Sure, they had hiccups just the same as all the rest of the couples in there, but now are serving authenticity, and maybe I’m just a hopeless romantic but I believe they’ll absolutely stand the test of time.

While Kaz was on her date, her bestie Liberty was going through the ringer. She told Jake she was done and calmly and eloquently listed the reasons why (although if you ask Jake, he’ll tell you it was a mutual decision).

She wants to be with someone who celebrates who she is, not someone who insults her at every turn. Always the bigger person, she told Jake he deserved someone who’d make him happy too. Arguably the most honourable thing he’s done throughout his time in the villa is to not fight her, and respect her decision. Probably because he doesn’t actually care, but makes her life easier all the same.

The preview for tonight sees Jake and Liberty returning from their final date with some news for the islanders. You’d have to assume it’s that they’re leaving, slashing our dreams of Liberty winning as a solo contestant. At least, hopefully it’s that rather than them announcing they’re back together. Let’s manifest it, gals.

Header image via Instagram/Love Island 

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