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21st Nov 2017

The Latest Product In Penneys Has Make-Up Lovers Absolutely Obsessed


Our father, who art in foundation heaven, blessed be our contour and forgive us our over-lining – we’re about to sin yet again with Penneys’ latest product.

As if us gals didn’t have enough make up already, the newest item to make beauty bloggers swoon will only encourage us to stock up on a gazillion more eyeshadows and fluffy brushes.

Penneys is now selling a professional-style MUA case for €55, and it looks SO slick.

The hard case comes with pull-out trays and and all sorts of compartments and hidey holes to place your shimmery treasure…

This is going straight up to the top of our Christmas wish-list. It’s limited stock though, so Santa better hurry…

Header image: monstermakeupxx/Instagram

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