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21st Sep 2021

The trailer for the SATC reboot is here, along with some potential SPOILERS

Fiona Frawley

It’s going to be a remake for the ages.

It’s been two years now and we’ve just about come to terms with the fact that Kim Cattrall won’t be making an appearance in the new SATC reboot. The road to acceptance wasn’t an easy one but look, it had to be done. After the journey we’ve been on, I think at the very least we deserve a trailer for the new series to pique our interest.

Oh, look at that. HBO have heard me, and delivered. It’s a small delivery, but a delivery nonetheless.

Before you confusedly watch this 90 times on a loop like myself and some of the stans in the comments section, it really is only about two seconds long. What we know for sure is that Carrie’s wearing a Peter Pan hat, the girls are almost definitely not turning around to greet Samantha and Carrie and Big are very much together. At least, it seems that way – here’s your moment to look away as we discuss some hot takes from the comments section which are either conspiracy theories or potential spoilers. If you’re into that, stay with us.

There are a few suggestions in the comments section that Big is either already dead or dies early on, and that clips such as this are flashbacks. There have also been rumours circulating that a main character dies in the first episode of the reboot. According to the Daily Mail, someone close to the show has suggested that “it is going to be a big death“, leading fans to believe we could be saying goodbye to Mr. Big sooner than we’d imagined. Another theory is that the death in question is of Samantha, which could be a handy way to explain her absence from the reboot.

More as we have it, gals.

Header image via Instagram/andjustlikethatmax

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