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01st Dec 2021

With just over a week to go, And Just Like That has released a second trailer!

Katy Thornton

The new chapter of Sex and the City airs on the 9th December, and this trailer is going to get you even more psyched for it!

The time is nearly upon us. It has been over 10 years since we’ve had these ladies on our screens, and in just eight days, they’ll be back with us again. Last week we heard how Samantha was going to be written out of this latest installment, and now we have a full blown trailer for the new series And Just Like That. It seems Carrie has been pondering the nature of friendship a lot, saying, “if you have good friends in your corner, anything is possible.”

Carrie, as well as Miranda and Charlotte, are not shying away from getting older. Carrie narrates that the future is unwritten, and that they’re all at different stages in life. We get snippets of Miranda on the subway, Charlotte and Harry attending a dinner party, and did we catch Mr. Big on a peloton? Yes, we think we did. We see the host of new characters, and get an insight into their role in the new series, along with some familiar faces. There’s a brief clip of Carrie and Stanford, played by the late Willie Garson, who sadly passed away during filming.

The show looks fresh, uplifting, and we expect the episodes to appear like bite sized installments of the movies. We can’t wait to see how Carrie, Miranda, and Charlotte have navigated the last decade of their lives, particularly when it comes to love, careers, and family. Carrie emphasies in the final moment of the trailer that, “after all the years, and all the changes, you’re still you.” We think this is going to be And Just Like That’s major theme.

Header image via Instagram/justlikethat

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