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02nd Jul 2017

These Are The Trends Irish People Are Apparently SO Sick Of


Trends in this country come and go, with some lasting waaaay longer than others (beards and man buns we’re looking at you).

Some though, we just don’t get why they haven’t disappeared already.

A Redditthread asked users which current trends are you sick of in Ireland, and jaysis people really didn’t hold back. Who knew gin and donuts were so disliked?

Here’s what Irish folk can’t wait to see the back of…


“Doughnut shops on every corner or Cork city”

“Crepes, cupcakes, burritos and now this. Next will be limes. Mark my words”


“A lot of people have them now, some are cool looking but most look like dog-shite”

“So you’re saying I should rethink this tattoo of my dog’s shite?”

American accents

“You can thank nonsense tv like pretty little liars and keeping up with the Kardashians for melting their brains so they resort to vapid shite talk”

Bitching about Ireland

“We live in one of the greatest countries in the world in terms of lifestyle. Little violence, good people, good quality of life. Very few other countries have that”

“Ireland is far from perfect but it’s a damn fine country to live in”

HUGE prams

“When did prams go down the SUV route? Like what happened to the normal sized prams?”

“When companies realised people like status symbols, and nothing says status like little Oisin getting a pram with individual wheel suspension when his parents can barely afford their mortgage”

MMA fans…

“Men who overcompensate for their insecure masculinity through rabid McGregor/MMA fanboyism”

“All the big fans I know are squishy, out of shape office workers who’ve never thrown a punch but have ‘expert’ opinions on armbars and chokes”


“Not uniquely Irish but Vaping…you look like a dickhead. Twice as much if you’re doing it indoors”

“And just because it’s not smoke doesn’t give you the right to blow that shit in my face at a bus stop. Fuck off with your Apple flavour poison and get it out of my face”


“Fucking gin”

“I work in a bar that sells primarily beer. People come in expecting a fruit salad in their “fish bowl”. Get fucked, you’ll have your gin in a pint glass, you demanding fuck”

What trend are you completely and utterly over?

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