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28th Dec 2016

This Infographic Reveals The Counties That Spend The Most Money On Engagement Rings


Ever wonder how much is normal to spend on an engagement ring? Well apparently it varies from county to county.

Valentina Fine Diamonds created this infographic for December, since 20% of engagements take place in this month, to reveal what counties spend the most on these important bits of jewellery.

Cork came out on top, spending an average of €3,500 on their rings, followed by Dublin (€2,149) and Galway (€1,449). The lowest spender in Ireland is Westmeath at €729 (and that’s not even low!).

The infographic also contains a few other interesting facts, such as four out of five men manage to keep their wedding ring’s price a secret from their other half, and the average length of an Irish couple’s engagement is between 13 and 18 months.

Most Engaging Time Of Year

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