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08th Jan 2017

This Is Probably The Best Cooking Documentary You’ll Ever Watch


For the last decade cooking shows have become massively mainstream with the likes of Jamie and Gordon capturing our imagination. 

You can’t turn on the telly without seeing some local chef tossing, sautéing or roasting their way through a dish. 

While this influx of cooking shows has undoubtedly been a good thing, helping get people into the kitchen and cooking proper food, they often don’t give a realistic insight into what cooking in a professional kitchen is like. 

Then came Chef’s Table on Netflix a couple of years ago, which in my opinion, is hands down the best food programme ever made. 

Beautiful shots of food, incredible stories and a completely new insight for foodies trying to understand high-end cooking. 

It’s sensational.

They followed it up with a second series which was decent but it is the third one, which focuses on France, that makes seriously compelling viewing…

There are just four episodes in the series but what makes it so good is the focus on French chefs and their food. 

Although the culinary world is changing by the day, many of the best chefs in the world still call France home and every great chefs will have spent some time training there. 

When it comes to fine dining France is still king

The stories of these Michelin Star restaurants and the struggles of the people running them make for great viewing. Add in some of the best dishes in the world, beautifully shot, you’ll probably end up watching all four episodes in one sitting like I did. 

Incredible viewing. 

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