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18th Oct 2017

This Is Where Ireland Ranks Globally When It Comes To Netflix Binge Watching

James Fenton

Move over, binge drinking. Irish people have found a new way to spend their evenings.

Since the introduction of Netflix, we’ve become obsessed with curling up for an evening or two and getting through a series our favourite shows as fast as we can. This phenomenon is known as binge racing and it turns out we’re not that bad at it. 

Allow this video to explain:

According to a new study by Netflix, Ireland ranks 11th in the world when it comes to binge racing, with the top 20 reading as follows:

1.       Canada

2.       United States

3.       Denmark

4.       Finland

5.       Norway

6.       Germany

7.       Mexico

8.       Australia

9.       Sweden

10.   Brazil

11.   Ireland

12.   United Kingdom

13.   France

14.   New Zealand

15.   Peru

16.   Netherlands

17.   Chile

18.   Portugal

19.   Italy

20.   United Arab Emirates

While the top 20 shows to binge race on are:

1.       Gilmore Girls: A Year in the Life

2.       Fuller House

3.       Marvel’s The Defenders

4.       The Seven Deadly Sins

5.       The Ranch

6.       Santa Clarita Diet

7.       Trailer Park Boys

8.       F is for Family

9.       Orange Is the New Black

10.   Stranger Things

11.   Friends from College

12.   Atypical

13.   Grace and Frankie

14.   Wet Hot American Summer

15.   Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt

16.   House of Cards

17.   Love

18.   GLOW

19.   Chewing Gum

20.   Master of None

Now if you’ll excuse us, we’re off to the sofa for a while.

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