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24th Aug 2021

This Kildare man’s answer to a simple question will have you all in your feels

Katy Thornton

BRB, crying.

TikTok has this cheeky habit of stirring up emotions we didn’t even know we had in the space of a one minute video. This account called “Are U Happy” works on the premise that they interview people with the simple question of, you guessed it, “are you happy?”

People were moved when this man from Kildare was asked the important question and he was honest in the best way.

What was so refreshing about this short interview was how the sources of his happiness were normal achievable things – he enjoys his work, his friends, and is overall comfortable with his life. He stipulates that he is not quite happy, but that he is positive, and this provides some well needed hope to those who are not at their happiest right now. He also says that he knows that’s just how things are at the moment, and he accepts this.

It is a very Irish thing to say “we’re grand” when asked how we are – it takes courage to give a candid answer, and that’s just what this man has done.

The brand’s ethos is “We ask strangers if they’re happy because we believe everyone has a story worth telling”. It is so important, maybe more than ever, to make sure people are doing okay and if they’re not, that their voice is heard.

We can’t wait to watch more of these short interviews in the future. You can learn more about them on their website.

Header Image via TikTok/areyouhappy

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