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19th Aug 2021

This new Irish thriller set during lockdown will leave you shook

Katy Thornton

And we thought our lockdowns were scary.

While many creative mediums steered clear of covering Coronavirus, quarantines, and lockdowns, Irish author Catherine Ryan Howard leaned into it for her newest novel 56 Days. This gripping new thriller makes our lockdown experiences look like a trip to Disneyland.

The Story

Ciara and Oliver meet just as Ireland and the rest of the world is swept up by the Coronavirus pandemic. When lockdown hits, the possibility of the pair being separated kicks in, and they decide to move in together. It’s very soon, but Ciara and Oliver think it will give their romance a chance to grow. 56 days later, two detectives arrive at their home to find a decomposing body. Lockdown was meant to keep them safe, instead it resulted in a murder.

The Author

Catherine Ryan Howard is a best selling author of crime fiction. She was born in Cork and has lived in the Netherlands and Florida, but currently is based in Dublin. Throughout her career she has published five novels, including Rewind and The Nothing Man.

When and where to buy it

56 Days is available from today at any major bookstore, but we suggest Dubray Books or The Gutter Bookshop.

Header Image via Instagram/cathryanhoward

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