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06th Dec 2023

Tommy Bowe blushes through Ireland AM sex toy segment

Katy Thornton

“Nothing to see here.”

Tommy Bowe was put through the ringer on Ireland AM on Wednesday morning after an X-rated segment was presented on the show.

The former Ireland rugby international was alongside his co-host Muireann O’Connell as they brought on sex educator Jenny Keane to show off some adult Christmas presents.

Keane, owner of Oh Moment, which specialises in sex toys, education and workshops, came on to chat about the “explosion” of sex toy purchases throughout Ireland, and to show off some of the items in question for any potential customers.

Tommy Bowe left blushing after X-rated Ireland AM segment

Keane’s purpose on the segment was to steer people in the direction of what would suit them as, according to her, “often people don’t know what to choose, or where to start”.

The sexpert noted one of the toys that gained prominence in the TV show Sex and the City, saying that “it’s really good for relieving stress and tension in the body.

“I mean, if you’re sitting at a desk, there Tommy you can stick that on the back of your neck,’ she said as she turned on the device and placed it on Bowe’s neck.”

A blushing Tommy replied: “Oh yeah great. Nothing to see here,” before adding that it’s “actually a very good massager.”

The segment then moved on to another item available on Jenny’s web store – a ‘sex blanket.’

“This is basically like any kind of innocuous throw that you’ll put over your bed or sofa,’ Jenny explained, adding that it’s also “waterproof and absorbable”.

Tommy jokingly replied, “If anybody goes to Christmas at somebody’s house this Christmas and sees one of these blankets, I wouldn’t be sitting on it, if I was you.”

Fair play to him for getting through it, Tommy. What a trooper.

This article originally appeared on JOE 

Header images via Instagram / Jenny Keane 


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