WATCH: Cillian Murphy's New Film Could Be The Biggest Irish Drama Of The Year

This is unmissable.

Cillian Murphy

We absolutely love Cillian Murphy and everything he touches seems to turn to gold. 

He's held so high in the acting world that he has even been tipped to land the biggest role of all time. 

However, before any concrete decision is made on that, his new film looks set to be the biggest Irish drama of the year.

From the writers of the famous Irish movie 'Intermission', Mark O'Rowe's newest drama, 'The Delinquent Season' is set in suburban Dublin and revolves around two married couples. 

Jim (Murphy) is married to Danielle (Eva Birthistle) while Yvonne (Catherine Walker) is married to Chris (Andrew Scott). 

The plot summary states that:

"Married couple Jim and Danielle witness their good friends Yvonne and Chris’ relationship growing factions. 

"Chris is behaving erratically and when he lashes out and hits Yvonne, she realises she can’t put up with it anymore. 

"Spending more time with her friends, Yvonne grows closer to Jim and a passionate affair leads to stronger, heartfelt emotions.

However, their relationship soon deteriorates when Yvonne finds out her husband Chris is dying and, even worse, Jim knew all along. 

"The two couples are forced to re-evaluate their lives and their respective marriages and friendships — but can anything be salvaged from the wreckage?"

The Delinquent Season hits Irish cinemas on April 27th 2018.

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