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30th Jul 2018

Finally – The Winning Couple Of Love Island Has Been Decided

Darragh Berry

What are we going to do with ourselves now?

We’re going to feel a very big empty space in our hearts come 9pm every weeknight as Love Island comes to an end.

As we headed into Monday night and the finale of Love Island, we were left with four couples, Meg and Wes, Josh and Kaz, Paul and Laura and Dani and Jack.

The extended show was on for over an hour and a half and it was jam-packed with interviews and flashbacks over the last eight weeks.

The couples spent a lovely last night together as they danced the night away fully suited and booted.

They all exchanged love letter vows to each other and sat down to talk to host Caroline Flack about their experiences in the villa.

Then, the hard part started and Wes and Megan were voted in fourth place by the public followed by Josh and Kaz in third.

Afterwards, the final two couples got their own separate chats with Flack and Jack admitted that tonight – win or lose – would be the night that him and Dani would enter the ‘Do Bits Society’.

Talk about going out with a bang.

But finally

Ladies and Gentlemen, the Love Island Winners of 2018 are…

drumroll, please:


It was always going to be those two lovebirds wasn’t it?

Well deserved, guys, well done.

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