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15th Feb 2020

Jimmy and Mary melt hearts with appearance on Late Late Show’s Valentine special

Darragh Murphy

Jimmy and Mary

There must have been quite a few sore heads this morning after a particularly rowdy Late Late Show on Friday night.

The drink was presumably flowing before the Late Late Show’s Valentine’s Day special judging by the flying form of the audience.

With Ryan Tubridy at the helm, there were matchmaking games and saucy declarations of interest aplenty while there was no shortage of mentions of Coppers.

And while the vast majority of the programme focused on pairing up twenty-somethings, one segment featuring an adorable elderly couple may well have stolen the show.

Jimmy and Mary took centre stage to explain their unique relationship history with Ryan.

Having met as teenagers, the pair went their separate ways and ended up marrying different people only to reunite 54 years later when Jimmy’s prayers were answered.

Jimmy explained how he lay in bed one night and said a prayer to God that he would find a woman to spend the rest of his time with and then, “to be cheeky” as he put it, he specifically asked to be reunited with Mary from his youth.

The couple not only managed to melt the hearts of those watching at home but their story was also able to keep the raucous studio audience quiet (no easy feat) as they hung on Jimmy’s every word.