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23rd Jan 2020

New dating show for those living in rural Ireland looking for applicants

Darragh Murphy

RTE dating show

A new dating show aimed at matching up romantics based in rural Ireland is looking for applicants.

Dating in the countryside is undeniably more difficult than doing so in the cities around Ireland.

Love in the Countryside is a new show that hopes to give a helping hand to those struggling to find love in the rural towns and villages around the country.

Following the success of the programme in the United Kingdom, the producers have decided to rustle up some romance in rural Ireland.

Scheduled to air on an unconfirmed Irish broadcaster, Love in the Countryside has acknowledged the fact that the dating pool may have shrunk for singletons who, due to their location, job and ties to their homeland, don’t find it as straightforward to get themselves out on the dating scene.

Since the original call for applicants produced a surge of interest, the show is now requesting applications from older dating hopefuls who may not have the same access to social media as their younger counterparts.

Kite Entertainment, the company behind Gogglebox and Ireland’s Fittest Family, is running the application process and those who wish to apply for the show should contact the producers at [email protected] or 087 6683729.

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