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04th Jul 2022

Twitter reacts to Ronan Keating’s son entering Casa Amor

Katy Thornton

ronan keating's son

Ronan Keating’s son and Michael Owen’s daughter walk into a bar…

Look, we’ll not lie. It’s always refreshing hearing a Dublin accent on Love Island. Hell, what a year it was when we had the lilt of Maura Higgin’s Longford inflection pierce our screens in 2019. Even Dubliner Dami remaining in the villa and doing so well (if he behaves during Casa of course) has been one of the many reasons Love Island has been so good this year. So imagine our excitement at hearing that familiar tone come out of one of the Casa Amor boys’ mouths. And then imagine our surprise to hear that Jack is in fact Ronan Keating’s son.

As you can imagine, Twitter had a field day with this, following on from Michael Owen’s daughter being in the villa this year too. Let’s have a look at some of the best tweets on offer. Starting with this gem from author Emer McLysaght.

Well, Jack didn’t waste anytime announcing his famous father.

Considering Gemma barely blinked upon hearing Ronan Keating’s name, we’re not sure she even knows who Boyzone are. She literally hadn’t even been born yet…

Although Jack certainly knows who Gemma’s dad is.

Someone forgot the life lesson, “You say it best when you say nothing at all” clearly.

This is not too much to ask for. The moment writes itself.

We all wish our parents were as supportive TBH.

And look, there’s perks that come with Jack staying in the villa. We’re still due a performance like Mabel’s in 2021, and Sean Paul’s in 2020. Surely there’s only one person who could play while Ronan Keating’s son is in the villa. He is on tour after all…

Instagram reacts

And while he didn’t tweet about his son’s entrance into the villa, Ronan Keating showed his support via Instagram. Wholesome.

Header image via Instagram/jackkeating11

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