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22nd Oct 2018

WATCH: This Bizarre Video Of Peter Casey Taking A Swipe At Michael D’s Dogs Is Going Viral

Kiara Keane

Just days after announcing he was taking a break from his Irish presidential campaign, Peter Casey has released a strange new video asking people to vote for him.

The bizarre campaign video shared on Twitter takes aim at none other than Michael D Higgins’ much-loved Bernese Mountain Dogs, Bród and Síoda.

In the clip, a voiceover says, “Being President of Ireland you’d think Michael D would have an Irish Wolfhound, an Irish Setter, an Irish Water Spaniel or a Kerry Beagle. No – he has Bernese Mountain Dogs.

“Even more confusing, why would he spend €10,000 annually to get his dogs groomed? Because he can charge it to the Irish taxpayer.”

Casey has repeatedly claimed that Higgins has spent the huge sum of money on looking after his dogs, but has not produced any proof of this being the case.

The video has since been shared widely on social media after being labelled “bizarre” and “utter rubbish”.

It even grew comparisons to the hit show Arrested Development’s wacky style of narration:

Unsurprisingly, a lot of people would not stand for Miggeldy’s dogs being targeted as the presidential race heated up:

Let’s leave the poor dogs out of this one…

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