PIC: Irish Words Have Been Created For 'Totes' And 'YOLO' As Well As Irish Text Slang

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In fairness, if someone had done this for us in school, we might have paid more attention in Irish class.

We thought that nobody in the world texted like this anymore but as the younger generation of mid-noughties babies get their first phones, it looks as though short-hand text could be making a comeback, in Irish form.

This Irish teacher has made Irish text slang for the likes of phrases like 'Conas Atá Tú' and 'Go Maith' in a really smart attempt to make the Irish language cool.

As well as this, the teacher has also made phrases for words like 'Totes' and 'YOLO' and 'ROFL' which turns into 'RTUG'.

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Irish Text Slang Main

Is it only a matter of time before something like this is introduced into the Junior Cert cycle.

Or wouldn't it be great to replace the oral sraith pictuirí with just phrases of short-hand slang.

Even though, we can't imagine saying cinnte winnte and sabaiste cabaiste to anyone without them bursting laughing in our face.

We think 'NASAA' could really catch on though.

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