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04th Mar 2018

WATCH: Jamie Dornan Translates Northern Irish Slang For Americans

Kiara Keane

Americans have a hard time understanding any kind of Irish slang at the best of times, so it made sense that Vanity Fair would ask Hollywood star Jamie Dornan to help out with a few translations.

The Northern Irish actor went through a list of some of the most commonly used phrases, including “boys a dear”, “buck eejit” and “any more of this and there’ll be less of it”, which Jamie called “as Irish a statement as you’re ever likely to read”.

He explained, “When you’ve been jarred by something or you’ve received some news, you go, ‘Oof, boys a dear.'”

“I have my own spin on it, I always say, ‘Boys a dear, dears a boy’, which really annoys people.

“I once tried to do a whole conversation with these builders who were working in my dad’s house by only saying ‘boys a dear’ to them and I talked to them for twenty minutes.”

He ends his tutorial by stating, “Thank you so much for watching Northern Irish slang with me – Liam Neeson. I hope you all learned something today. I know I did.”

You can watch the full video for yourself here:

Main image via Vanity Fair YouTube

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