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This Car Was Clamped After Making a Very Simple Mistake

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At first glance, this photo of a clamped car sparks outrage.

The poor soul is trying to reduce their carbon footprint by going green, and then gets shafted by the clampers when charging the car. What gives?


But there’s a valuable lesson to be learned from this.

The photo, shared on Reddit, is captioned: ‘It’s your fault really if you want to be green’.

But a Redditor underneath notes that in Dublin, if you don’t pay for parking *even when you’re charging your electric car* you WILL get clamped:

‘ Most local authorities provide free parking at EV charge points, but in Dublin you’re obliged to pay for parking as if it was a normal car.

I expect this catches out people who are visiting from outside the capital.’

Seems pretty harsh – but rules is rules!

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