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19th Jun 2020

WATCH: Bono made a cameo on RTÉ’s Home School Hub today

Sarah Finnan


First airing back in March, RTÉ’s Home School Hub finished up for the summer today – making sure to go out on a high with a special video message to the graduating class of 2020 from Bono.

Bono made a cameo appearance on RTÉ’s Home School Hub today, with a special message for the country’s 6th class students. Telling them that they can be anything they want to, he advised young pupils to avoid the negative people who want to bring them down.

Speaking to camera, Bono told of how he always knew he wanted to be a singer – even when leaving primary school – but that he was too scared to tell anyone.

“When I was leaving primary school I knew I wanted to be a singer but I hadn’t the courage to tell anyone. There will always be people who tell you you’re not smart enough, strong enough, talented enough… that you can’t do that thing that you so deeply want to. Avoid them.

Because there’s going to be people who tell you, you can be anything you want to be – everything you want to be and I’d listen to them. I mean the ones who ignore you, they can have some positives, but let’s avoid them for the moment. ”

Advising students to trust themselves and their own instincts, the U2 frontman also encouraged students to practice kindness.

“Be kind. Accept one another. Stand up for others. Celebrate those who might feel different, seem different. Not just celebrate them, listen to them, learn from them.

Fight for causes you believe in – your planet, your country, your community. They all need us as activists, you know?”

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