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16th Dec 2022

WATCH: Clone Alone, Ireland’s answer to Home Alone

Katy Thornton

home alone ireland's

Forget about Kevin; it’s Eoin at home alone this Christmas!

Home Alone may be everyone’s favourite Christmas movie, but are there ways we could improve on the original story? Maybe by, making it Irish, say? Set in Clone, County Monaghan, Eoin wishes his family would disappear after a day dealing with their beratement. Sure enough, when he awakes the next morning, he’s suddenly in Clone, alone (you see where the name came from).

Just as Kevin comes to discover he’s home alone, so does Eoin, who proceeds to rejoice in this fact, much like his predecessor. Eoin does a Christmas shop full of goodies, decorates the tree, eats a load of junk food, and watches a movie he definitely shouldn’t, much like Kevin.

We won’t spoil anymore for you, but there’s lots of fun recreations from the original movie, with a witty Irish twist. Yes, it even includes that famous shaving scene every kid from the 90s has recreated ever since they first watched the iconic Christmas film.

Fun fact, this short film may look familiar because it was shot in the same place as 1997 film adaption of Clone-born Patrick McCabe’s The Butcher Boy.

This sweet short was shot and edited by Matthew Macklin, and directed and produced by Rory MacMahon. It delivers the clear message that Kevin has to learn in the original movie. You don’t want to be alone this Christmas time.

Give Clone Alone a watch; we guarantee you won’t get through it without smiling from ear to ear. Also, how class is Eoin in this short; at only six years old, we have a feeling he has a bright future in acting ahead.

Header image via YouTube/Matthew Macklin & IMDb

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