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09th Jun 2017

WATCH: This Kildare Farmer Uses SHEARS To Cut Hair And It’s Pretty Impressive


We get that the hipster barber trend has taken over, and raw blade cuts are all the rage right now but we never thought we’d see the day that actual sheep shears were used to chop the oul gruaige.

Paul McGann first started using this farming tool as a joke, and has since been using them at The Master Barber Shop pretty regularly.

A video of him doing his thing was posted on Insider Beauty’s Facebook page and has had over 750,000 views, with the Irish Mirror saying that one person has even flown over from Arizona to get a famous sheared cut.

Paul told them: 

“We’ve done some research on it and I think I’m the only person in the world doing it. There isn’t anyone else out there at the same thing so the interest has just been crazy.

“Whatever way it cuts the hair it does put a little bit of a nicer finish on it sometimes.”


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