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20th Dec 2016

WATCH: This Powerful Road Safety Video Aims To Discourage People From Checking Their Phones While Driving

James Fenton

You may have heard that today is Project EDWARD Day (European Day Without A Road Death) which aims to encourage road users to pledge to reduce risk and improve safety, not just today but every day.

Here in Ireland, the Road Safety Authority are aiming to tap in the mindset of people who may use their phones to check social media while driving. 

Known as a ‘Lifetime of Memories’, the campaign includes the below video which mimics the popular ‘Facebook Memories’ feature to highlight the dangers of being distracted by your phone while behind the wheel.

Take a look: 

Based on the findings of an observational study, conducted by the RSA in December 2014:

 – Mobile phone driver distraction plays a role in 20-30% of all road collisions in this country, meaning that 1,400 fatalities or injuries could be caused by mobile phone driver distraction annually.

– 42% of Irish motorists are active at least sometimes with their mobile phone while driving.

Project EDWARD is now trending all over Europe as people seem to be really getting behind the message:

You can make your pledge to Project EDWARD by visiting the European Traffic Police Network webpage. 

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