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07th Sep 2018

Yikes – Apparently Being Aged 31 Is The Most Expensive Year Of Your Life


If you thought that being in your twenties was tough financially, or that aged 30 was depressing (is that a grey hair?!) then soz but 31 is the worst.

A survey by British credit checking firm ClearScore has found that age 31 is the most expensive year of your entire life.

The average person will spend the equivalent of €48,597 on buying their first home, honeymoons, having a baby and getting married at the age of 31.


27% of the 3,000 people surveyed said that marriage took a big chunk of their salary at the age of 31, while 25% said that buying a house and or having kids was their biggest expense.

14% said that it was that romantic honeymoon that him them the hardest.

27 per cent of those asked stating marriage hit them the hardest.

Call us crazy, but the only message we’re getting from this is that staying single is the only way to save money. Sorry bae. The bank account is calling.

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