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26th Nov 2018

A ‘Fantastically Bad’ Movie Starring Zack Morris Is On Irish TV Tonight

James Fenton

If there’s a more appropriate cure for the Monday blues than a made-for-TV movie starring the face of one of the most iconic characters from your childhood than we’d like to hear it.

Virgin Media clearly knows that finding such an antidote is nigh on impossible and has reflected that fact with its choice of movie tonight. Atomic Twister is a 2002 action movie which stars none other than Mark-Paul Gosselar AKA tricky teen Zack Morris from Saved By The Bell.

Reviews of the film on IMDB are unkind to say the least with phrases used to describe it being ‘fantastically bad’, ‘totally unbelievable’ and ‘really unintentionally funny’. There seems to be some saving grace though with one user deeming the 86-minute flick as ‘entertaining’ while another says ‘lighten up everyone – it’s a comedy!’

Zack, sorry Mark-Paul, is joined in the cast by Sharon Lawrence who viewers might recognise from police drama series NYPD Blue. Also, look out for nine-time Olympic gold medalist Carl Lewis, who plays a security guard. Seriously.

Atomic Twister gets underway tonight at 8.05pm on Virgin Media Three and if you reckon it’s at least worth a look (spoiler alert, of course it is), you can get a taster in the trailer below.

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