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02nd Feb 2022

Cork’s Crawford & Co hosts Wing Wednesday with 20c hot wings

Katy Thornton

blurry bird 20c wings

Mother Clucker, those must be some hot wings.

Chicken wings for 20c? Sounds like a nifty deal, right? Blurry Bird is working with Crawford & Co in Cork to bring you a very special weekly deal on wings for just 20c.

But what’s the catch?

Well, the wings may only cost 20c, but they’re hot like you’ve never tasted before. Up for the challenge?

Wing it this Wednesday and possibly get your name up on the Mother Clucker Leaderboard at Crawford & Co. These extra hot wings (emphasis on the extra) feature a special blend of Carolina Reaper Pepper and Habanero Chillis. No biggie for a seasoned chicken wing eater, and worth it for 20c wings, right? Right??

Did we mention there’s also a super secret ingredient that is likely to blow your head off?

With all that in mind, if you’re feeling brave, Crawford & Co begin Wing Wednesdays weekly from 5pm. You can book a table HERE.

Header image via Instagram/crawfordandco_cork

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