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20th Jun 2018

“We Only Sell Our Own Label” – Clothing Store ‘Cari’s Closet’ Responds To Online Complaints


Irish boutique retailer, Cari’s Closet has made a statement responding to claims made about the quality of their clothing.

The retailer, which has outlets in Cork and Dublin as well as an online outlet, received criticism from an anonymous Instagram account, Bloggers Unveiled.

In a statement to the Irish Sun, the retailer said:

“Cari’s Closet wishes to acknowledge the recent claims online to the store. We manufacturer [sic] our own clothes for sale in our stores and on our website in factories China and through wholesalers.

All our clothes that we retail have Cari’s Closet labels on them. We do not buy clothes for retail in our stores through any online websites.

We have worked hard over the last six years with our team to build our business. We started out as a rental store for the first three years, but we now only sell our own label. Our customers are important to us and we deal with all complaints we get individually.”

The Instagram account shared a number of allegations from customers as well as statements from previous employees.

Cari’s closet did not comment on any potential legal action.

We wonder what’s going to happen next.

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