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14th Nov 2017

This Girl’s Kinder Egg Beauty Hack Has Gone Massively Viral

Megan Cassidy

We’re all familiar with the big beauty bugbears; like orange foundation, clumpy mascara and broken eyeshadows. 

But there are also those minor beauty niggles that wreck your head regularly, but aren’t bad enough to actually do anything about. 

Eyelash storage issues fall into the second category. We shudder to think of all the perfectly good lashes that have bitten the dust simply because we couldn’t find their cardboard box at 4am.

Now, one girl has posted her simple solution online, and it’s the wisdom the internet didn’t know it needed. 

She stores her lashes and glue in the plastic yellow Kinder Egg shell – which happens to be the perfect size. 

It’s a simple enough concept in fairness, but the internet went absolutely mad for it. 

There was some debate….

And then there’s this guy. 

Anyone else thinking what we’re thinking? Cheap Chrimbo presents all round. 

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