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15th Feb 2022

It’s the end of Tayto Park as we know it

Fiona Frawley

Mr Tayto in red jacket and black hat, looking sad

Say it isn’t so.

If like me you always thought Mr Tayto himself built Tayto Park entirely with his bare hands, rollercoaster included, the news will no doubt be hitting you hard that one of our nations most popular attractions will soon be undergoing a brand makeover.

Earlier today Tayto Snacks and Tayto Park released a statement announcing that the title sponsorship for the park will come to an end on the 31st of December 2022.

From January 2023 there will be a new name and identity for the award-winning theme park.

Insert Phil Mitchel “please don’t do this” meme here.

Following the announcement, founder of Tayto Park, Raymond Coyle said:

I am delighted to have aligned with one of the most iconic Irish brands, so successfully, for over a decade. Our partnership with Tayto Snacks has helped to create one of Ireland’s most popular tourist attractions in little over 12 years. We have decided that in order to expand and meet our ambitious targets for the park, now is the opportune time to rename the park to better reflect the exciting rides, attractions and zoo that are coming over the next few years. 

The identity of the new sponsorship partner is anyone’s guess, so naturally, we’ve rounded up some of our faves:

Via Twitter/Richard Chambers

The general consensus from members of the public is one of shock – it would appear most of us were under the impression that Tayto Park was first and foremost a crisp themed park, not the product of a sponsorship deal. One can’t help but wonder, who are we as a nation without a potato themed park? Furthermore, have our whole lives been a lie?

To be fair, it could just be me asking that. But look, it’s been a difficult day.

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