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15th Sep 2022

Sale of Connell’s Normal People shorts at auction to help fund Ukrainian film

Katy Thornton

The shorts sold at auction for €550.

Normal People paraphernalia was auctioned off to help fund a Ukrainian film. This included a signed script, a hardback book of scripts, as well as Connell Waldron’s famous O’Neill’s shorts. The auction was put together by a group of independent Irish filmmakers.

According to The Journal:

Funds raised are going to filmmakers documenting the war in Ukraine through the Docudays Ukraine Appeal and to the International Coalition for Filmmakers at Risk (ICFR) to support filmmakers from Ukraine and Russia who may need to relocate.”

The auction site Sean Eacreatt Auctions show the shorts only took in €550. The signed script, which was an original first episode shooting script, took in €1400, while the hardback book of scripts went for €550 as well.

The €2500 raised has gone to Li Biletska, a young Ukrainian documentary filmmaker. She will make a short film that documents the inhabitants of Ukrainian city Kernan.

According to The Journal, Biletska said:

Being at the beginning of a new business is very exciting and a little scary. This award is [a] very valuable support to me as an artist, but even more valuable is the opportunity to tell a story about life under occupation in Kerson.

Header image via Instagram/paulmescalpics

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