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03rd Feb 2022

The first sneak peak of Conversations With Friends is here

Fiona Frawley

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 Hold my silver chain.

Following the global success of Normal People (which saw Gucci release their own version of GAA shorts, a lively debate about ridin’ on Joe Duffy and a visit to Maynooth for Phoebe Bridgers), the buzz around the upcoming tv adaption of Sally Rooney’s first book, Conversations With Friends, is understandably huge. Lenny Abrahamson has taken the helm as director once again and following her stint at Moordale High in series 3 of Sex Education, Jemima Kirke will play the role of Melissa.

The Conversations With Friends Instagram page has just shared a first look at the new series, featuring all the longing, pensive stares and effortlessly cool group shots a Sally Rooney stan could hope for.

Feast your eyes:

Images via Instagram/convosonhulu

The cast for the new series was announced around this time last year but in case you need a refresher we’ve got:

– Alison Oliver as Frances
– Sasha Lane as Bobbi
– Joe Alwyn as Nick
– Jemima Kirke as Melissa

Please proceed to creep on all of their Instagrams in an orderly fashion.

A Vanity Fair piece about the new adaption reads:

The two series share a certain focus on biting, naturalistic dialogue and performances. But where Normal People played out as an intimate romantic drama, Conversations revels in the messy dynamics between four complicated characters. “What we’ve ended up with is something that has a kind of aesthetic family resemblance to the other series,” says Abrahamson, “but is definitely its own thing.”

We can expect to see Conversations With Friends on Hulu or BBC Three sometime this spring.

Header image via Instagram/convosonhulu

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