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07th Apr 2023

‘Because it’s funny’ Irish man gets Social Welfare logo tattooed on his face

Emily Mullen

social welfare

The Cork man was advised by the tattoo artist to wait a few weeks to consider the choice


We’ve all seen some dodgy tattoos in our day, an aul faded shamrock or the name of an ill-fated ex surrounded by a love heart.

But one Cork man has gone a step further and gotten a more unusual logo on his face, the recognisable open hand and bird in flight symbol of the Department of Social Protection logo.

This was tattoo apprentice Paraic Keane’s first face ink and speaking to Cork Beo he said he was really happy with it, adding that he really wanted “a statement piece” as his first face tattoo.

Keane revealed that he had no real inspiration for the tattoo- that he just thought it would be funny. He told the publication that he was not on the dole- he is currently employed at a Cork city centre restaurant.

Keane has plans to add another well-known logo on his other cheek, “maybe the SuperValu logo, oh no wait, the Lidl logo, that’d be funny,” he said to the publication.


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Keane had to persuade tattoo artist Eric Moore at Feel Good Ink, to do the ink. He was told by Moore to wait a few weeks to think the decision over.

“I’ve been wanting it for a while now,” Keane told the publication, “and I kept being told to wait a few weeks to think and make sure I was still down to get it done”.

While the subject matter is a bit of a departure from what Moore would typically tackle, he deployed some of his signature styles to the work, using thick graphic lines on the logo.

Moore posted a video of the tattoo to Instagram, to which some users pointed out that Keane must be a fan of the Irish band The Scratch, whose logo is also the Social Welfare logo.

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