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09th Jan 2020

Cork to host a city-wide murder-mystery game this March

Sarah Finnan

A real-life game of Cluedo…without the murder of course.

Avid fantasy world fans and board games aficionados (bonus points if you’re fond of both) will love this murder-mystery game. And as it’s witchcraft and wizardry themed, muggles need not apply

Organised by CluedUpp, the giant game of magical Cluedo is set to come to Cork on Saturday, March 14th 2020.

The game will see teams compete in a fun city-wide outdoor detective game. Hundreds of players will scramble around town, all trying to solve the mystery first.

What a laugh!

Tickets cost €51 with one ticket covering a whole team of up to 6 people – so roughly €8.50 per person.

To take part you’ll need a ticket (obviously), a smartphone and a team of quick thinkers. Fancy dress strongly encouraged.

It was yer one, in the kitchen with the candlestick; I’m calling it now. Murder-mystery closed.

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