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11th Jan 2022

It’s goodbye for now from this Cork City vegan spot

Fiona Frawley

close up of a burger with pickles, cheese and lettuce held up outside a black painted building with yellow windows

And just as we were getting into our Veganuary stride.

Irish demand for vegan eateries is higher than ever – whether it’s for environmental reasons, a lifestyle change or good old fashioned curiosity, everyone’s looking for a bite of the plant based pie. So it’s no surprise Veganko Street Food has been a more than welcome addition to the Cork foodie scene since finding its permanent home on Kyle Street in 2020.

An ideal spot for when you don’t really feel like eating like a vegan, Veganko dominate the plant based fast food game with juicy burgers, loaded hot dogs and their iconic Cheezy Bacun Fries. Feast your eyes, people:

Jesus wept.

With all this said, we’re hoping the announcement that they’re finishing up at their Kyle Street home is a “see you later” rather than a goodbye.

Over the weekend, Veganko shared the news on Insta that they’d be moving on from their city premises “with very short notice”.

The Veganko team wrote:

It was a nice ride at the Kyle Street premises but unfortunately we have to move out with very short notice which leaves us open until tomorrow. It’s a temporary thing until we find better solution with sitting area and hopefully even better location!

We look forward to seeing them back doling out the bacun cheezy goodness very soon.

Header image via Instagram/veganko.streetfood

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