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03rd Oct 2022

Owners of Cask Cork open Latin American inspired bar Paladar

Katy Thornton

“In Cuba a Paladar is a small, family-run restaurant.”

There’s a new cocktail bar to check out in Cork this week as Latin American inspired spot Paladar officially opens. They launch on the 3rd October, on Bridge Street, and you can make a booking for the place HERE. Cask Cork are the people behind it, and they took to Instagram to share the news of their latest venture.

Their caption read as such:

“*** BIG NEWS*** We opened another bar ? “Paladar” is a Latin American inspired cocktail bar and restaurant and it’s opening on Monday. It’s been a six month labour of love to create a space that does justice to one of the most vibrant and passionate parts of the world.”

Paladar have their own Instagram account that you can follow HERE.

“So it begins. In truth it began last year. Negotiations took forever, usual legal shite. In April we broke ground. Literally. Next week, we open the doors.”

Since their first post, they’ve provided some more behind the scenes deets, the reason behind their name for starters.

“In Cuba a Paladar (plural: paladares) is a small, family-run restaurant. The name comes from a Spanish word for “palate.” Paladares are a wonderful way to experience Cuban cuisine and more importantly Cuban hospitality.”

Paladar open daily from 5pm, and from 3pm on Saturdays.

Header image via Instagram/caskcork

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