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22nd Sep 2022

The Sunday Roast burrito exists and is for sale in this Cork Deli

Katy Thornton

sunday roast burrito cork

When you just can’t decide between Mexican and a carvery…

It takes true ambition to combine two iconic dishes such as the burrito and the Sunday Roast. Not everyone could achieve it, but Masseytown Rotisserie Deli dared to dream, and thank goodness they did.

Last week they debuted their beautiful creation, a Yorkshire pudding style bowl where meat, potatoes, veg, and gravy call home, to be wrapped up burrito style for your eating needs.

As the name would suggest, the Sunday Roast Burrito will only be available in Cork on a Sunday, but we suggest you make it a priority to try it ASAP. We have a feeling there’s going to be queues out the door for this bad boy.

Masseytown is based on Paul Street; they open 7am to 7pm Sunday to Wednesday and 7am to 9pm Thursday to Saturday. They were nominated for Best Café and Best Newcomer in Cork at the Irish Restaurant Awards 2022.

As for me, I’ll be making it a priority to do a day trip to Cork to try the Sunday Roast Burrito at my earliest convenience.

Header image via Instagram/masseytown

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