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13th Jan 2020

Workshop on Cork slang and culture taking place in UCC this week

Darragh Murphy

Cork slang workshop taking place at UCC

The UCC workshop on Cork slang and culture is bound to be jointed.

And to find out what jointed means in that context, why not pop down for a sconce on Wednesday evening, when Cork slang will be explained to new students at University College Cork.

The UCC International Students Society is hosting a special workshop between 6pm and 7pm on Wednesday in the hope of familiarising foreign students with Rebel County jargon, which can admittedly be tricky at times.

The event details read: “Having trouble understanding your taxi driver? What is ‘craic’? Why does everyone say ‘like’ all the time? Why does it matter what brand of tea I drink? Don’t know the difference between a langer and langers? Come along to our Cork slang workshop on Wednesday presented by real Corkonians from our committee to help get the hang of it!”

We love the image of a person at a podium asking the rest of the room to repeat “I was haunted!” in unison or attendees being sent home with homework in the form of catching up with The Young Offenders.

The event is only open to UCC students but if you’re desperate to learn the basics of Cork lingo, come right this way.

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