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10th Nov 2022

You can now take your dog to visit Santa in Cork

Fiona Frawley

a dog sitting on santa's lap

This takes the phrase “good boy” to a whole new level.

If your dog has been the most polite poodle, the most mannerly mastiff or the best bichon this year, why not reward the little guy or gal with a trip to see Santa?

After the success of the event last year, Santa Claus is returning to Marina Market in Cork and while he’ll be pretty busy saying hello to the children from Cork’s good list (which is all of them, of course), he’s putting time aside for fur babies too. If your pup has their eye on a new frisbee, a chew toy or a big tasty bone from the butchers, now’s their chance to put in a word with the big man and make sure the gift of their dreams is under the tree on Christmas morning.

Santa will be in situ at Marina Market from Saturday Nov 19th – Friday Dec 23rd and if you’d like to bring your pooch in for a visit (or your human child, whatever you’re into yourself) you can book your place HERE. As you’d imagine, slots are filling up fast so don’t delay! We can’t wait to see all the Cork Canines out in their Sunday best, ready to reel off their Christmas lists.

Header image via Shutterstock 

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