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13th Sep 2023

Planning approved to transform Carlow nightclub into food court

Fiona Frawley

Carlow nightclub food court

The space which was originally a nightclub had operated as a wine bar and gig venue in more recent years.

Planning permission has been approved by Carlow County Council to change the use of No. 53 & 54 Tullow Street in Carlow Town.

As reported by Carlow Live, use of the ground floor level will be changed from existing bar and restaurant to a food court, seating area and food preparation area with new pedestrian entrance on the front façade at street level.

The application also sought for a new ground floor entrance allowing access to first floor and change of use from existing nightclub toilet facilities to a two bedroom residential unit. The application was submitted by Shi Lin & Zhanglian Cheng, and was approved subject to conditions.

The building had been the location for T Street Wine Bar and Bistro until 2018, and before this it was well-trodden nightclub The Temple. Located just a couple of doors down from the famed Foundry, the placement harks back to a time when multiple nightclubs held fort in close proximity in small towns all over Ireland and would all be jointed of a Friday night. A scroll through The Temple’s Facebook page is like a DeLorean trip back to the days of digital cameras, Geordie Shore star club appearances and three jagerbombs for a tenner – all distant memories in a post-pandemic world.

As a series of new nightclubs announce openings in Dublin and two Irish techno acts are announced as 3Arena headliners in close succession, the future looks somewhat optimistic for nightlife in the capital after a bleak few years, but across the country many clubs are still laying vacant.

Are you missing your local nightclub? Or is it still going strong? Would you like to see club culture playing a more prominent role in Irish society? Let us know.

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